Giving Animals Another Chance Through Social Media

Last week, we visited the Nebraska Humane Society.  It wasn’t to play with the dogs or adopt a new pet, it was to learn about how Elizabeth Hilpipre uses social media to give these animals a new family. 

The usage and success of each social media site is dependent on how much content, user usage and the user market.  By taking in all of these aspects, Elizabeth has found that Facebook is the best way for the humane society to convey the stories of the rescued animals.  Multiple times a day, Elizabeth posts photos and videos on the NE Humane Society’s Facebook page.  Along with the visuals is the story of how these animals were rescued, where they came from and the type of home they’re looking for.  The community has been very responsive to these types of posts made by the humane society.  However, when Elizabeth first started working for the humane society a few years back, their social media existence was next to nothing.  Since then, Elizabeth has boosted the reach and impact that the humane society is having on the community.  She learned many things by making mistakes as well.  For example, don’t ask for funding from the community until you have user loyalty!  Before you have built yourself as a brand, don’t expect the community to be responsive to your requests.

Below is a screen shot of a post made on Facebook.  It gives just enough information with a cute photo of the dog.  Also, note how many people ‘like’ it.



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