“A Mint of Manly Things”

If you’re a woman and you’re reading this, there is no doubt in my mind that you have an account on Pinterest (I’m sure you’ve at least heard of it).  It’s a great way to organize the things you love into categories to come back to later.  A lot of women even plan their weddings on Pinterest!  However, is it possible that men are jealous that women have such an awesome site to hang out on?  Apparently it is.  As of late, it was drawn to my attention that a “Pinterest for men” now exists called Gentlemint.  I was extremely curious to see what it was all about so consider this somewhat of a review.

When you get to the homepage, it looks almost exactly like Pinterest, but with manly photos.  Square boxes fill the screen and there’s a button where you can request an invite from Gentlemint so you can get started.  Some of the things on here are completely random and actually quite funny, but that’s probably how men view Pinterest as well.

A review made on App Storm says that Gentlemint is a great place to share manly things, but they seem skeptical as to if it will take off or not.  “…there is more to be desired in this site and I believe that it has great potential if it is able to make the right moves going forward.”  It seems there may be a few bugs to work out, but that the site will be popular if they’re fixed.

It seems to me that men may not want to join for fear of being “unmanly” by having a Pinterest-like account online.  However, perhaps once they join Gentlemint, they will see the joy and understand why women love Pinterest so much.

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