Last week, our social media class attended a discussion called Social Media for Good (or #SM4G – the Twitter hashtag for the event).  It’s only fitting that we tweeted during a social media event, right?!

Being young and taking a social media class, I consider myself already pretty social media savvy, but it was still interesting hearing some of the things that the speakers had to say.  For example, did you know that Facebook could be the least effective way of branding your company?  Yeah, neither did I.  It’s kind of shocking considering Facebook is probably the most used social media outlet.  Once I thought about it, it makes sense.  Recently, people have started leaning towards Twitter rather than Facebook for information about events, companies, etc.  I haven’t seen someone “like” a Facebook fan page in a really long time.  I feel like because Twitter is more personal, it’s also less formal and I think people gravitate towards that.

Another interesting thing that was said was that social media is not simply a 9-5 job; whenever your audience is present is when you need to be there.  If you work in social media, you’re giving your audience what they want and since your audience really never goes away on social media, you have to constantly be on.

Overall, the Social Media for Good event was very interesting and I got a few good tweets on it to document what I learned.  I think something like this would be extremely useful for those adults who aren’t as social media savvy and want to start branding their company in another way.



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