Branding in a more social world

I recently took a look at a few blogs about advertising and came across one blog called the “Social Media Examiner” that had a lot of interesting tips.  I read many posts on this blog, but there were two specific posts that really got me thinking.

The first post that I found interesting  is titled, “5 Tips to Make Your Brand More Social” by Phillip Davis.  It’s amazing how much of an impact social media is having on advertising and branding these days.  A simply 140 character tweet can make a huge difference in how a product is marketing and perceived by the general public so it’s extremely important to know how to properly use social media to brand your product.  According to this post, essentially it’s important just to be concise.  Concise with your brand personality, your market, timing, etc.  For example, if you’re creating a B2B advertisement, Davis suggests using LinkedIn and Google+ rather than Facebook or Twitter.  Davis also suggests that before you even begin to market, you must first define what your brand is trying to say.  Are you eco-friendly or a gas guzzler?  A Mac or PC?  That sort of thing.  In order to make your social media messages effective, you must first know your product.

Another post on the Social Media Examiner that I thought was helpful is written by Cindy King about social media predictions for 2012.  It was extremely interesting to see what turns the social media world could be taking.  For instance, Ekaterina Walter suggests that companies and ad agencies will stop spending months to come up with a advertising/brand campaign and simply convert to real-time brand exposure.  Should companies choose to go this route, they will need to keep up with buzz and trends as they’re happening.  This should prove to be extremely interesting and I think it really could work to sell products.

I also took a look at a few posts on the “Social Media Explorer” and found an interesting post about a new addition that should be made to marketing teams.  I found this post interesting mostly because of the fact that I’ll be graduating soon and in need of gainful employment.  Anyways, the post, written by Ilana Rabinowitz, suggests that professors are the ones that should be hired into marketing teams.  I thought this was interesting because I was expecting the new hire to be a social media expert, but Rabinowitz suggests a professor because they focus on content.  She says, “You can’t just take content and put it out there.  You’ve got to take your content, add conviction, caring and passion, and communicate it in a way that makes an impact on people so that they will want to share it.” In short, someone who truly cares about researching and marketing to a specific person and knows how to with skill.

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